Short Rothfuss Fan Fic

I have recently been catching up with an author that some friends suggested, Patrick Rothfuss. In one of the books he has a character named Auri. She’s in an odd mental state and she lives below the University. Her character is sufficiently interesting that Patrick wrote a novella just about her, The Slow Regard of Silent Things. I decided to follow suit and use her in fanfic mode for a writing prompt in my writing group. They liked it enough that I decided I’d share it here as well.

No light ever reached the Abyss. For most people that was probably frightening. Auri smiled. How odd people were? The Abyss was simply pure, steadfast in itself, not needing the affirmation of others. It was an elder of the Underthing.

Without light Auri was a creature of texture, temperature, and sound. She moved lightly forward, her shift billowing slightly in a light breeze as her foot touched water. Not much further. Another step. Another step.

With barely a splash she slid down into the water. Not cold. Just wet. Very wet. Covering her. Hiding her. The rest of the world could not intrude on her here. Maybe she could forget him here. Currents pulled at her shift as she floated below the surface, breath held. In the moment. Her hair floated free, forming a halo of gold around her head that no one could see.

Just be.

Just be.

A voice spoke to her, slowly, comfortingly. Eventually it decided it was enough. She pushed down and returned to the surface, thoughts slowly returning. She climbed back out into the Abyss’s cloak of darkness. Shivers. But there was an answer to that. With a small hiccup she moved into a skip, headed toward Bellows. He would dry her. He always knew what to do.


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