A Simple Ode to Robin Williams

There once was a large porcelain doll that cried all the time.
It cried for its emptiness.
It cried for its loneliness.
It could not stop crying.

There was a little, stuffed clown who heard these cries,
and it thought to itself
This doll is empty.
I can fill it with laughter instead of cries.

And so one day, the clown visited the crying doll.
And it put its mouth to the doll’s side and laughed a hearty laugh
That echoed inside the doll.
It did this the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, …

But even as his laughter entered the doll,
The cries of the doll entered him.
The cries slowly undid his stitching,
And one day as he came back from his visit to the doll, he simply fell apart.

The doll still cries today.
There are those who say it is destiny, that that is who the doll is.
But the laughter of the clown still echoes inside the doll.
And the doll remembers the one who made those echoes.


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