The Everytime

I found this one quite interesting. It showed up on slashdot a few months ago, but I was thinking about it again today, so I thought I’d share.

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Enjoy, but I’d like to remind everyone what theory means in science. It’s a structure predicated on data which could be overturned my new data or new theories. It is not fact, but it is far from a wild guess.


Can a Computer be Human?

The Economist had a cover article on the rise of robots recently. It feels like it’s been years, decades even, that people have been trying to make a machine that thinks. It’s called artificial intelligence.

I was thinking, though. I’ve told people several times that this will never happen for a very simple reason. Humans have an innate ability to maintain and process information that is inherently contradictory. It’s like the ability to believe that 1 equals 1, but 1 does not equal 1. I’ve finally realized that this is not a limit on our ability to create artificial intelligence.

It’s a limit on our ability to create artificial stupidity. That’s the challenge. Because it defies logic and math, which form the basis of intelligence.

Consequently, I think we may be able to make something which mimics the mind of Einstein, but I don’t think we’ll ever make a computer which simulates the mind of Rush Limbaugh.