Another Bit of Foolishness

Man, it’s been a while since I posted anything.

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I’m going to stray into religion. Today I wanted to share something from Church. Lent is coming, and soon we’ll be giving up our Hallelujahs. Anyway, this year we’re on Matthew, and today’s gospel was the part just after the Beatitudes (the meek, the peacemakers, etc.). It warns that even thinking a sin makes you a sinner. It also says that hell fire awaits those who call someone else a fool.

Well that seems a little harsh. I daily run into fools. Well, I observe them. I don’t run into them (although sometimes I’m tempted). I’ve done foolish things myself. Who hasn’t? Admit it. What does this particular verse really mean?

Well, I don’t claim authority, but I think it comes down to how we treat fools. A foolish person is someone we don’t respect. We don’t want to talk to them, and we don’t expect them to understand us. In other words, we’ve given up on them. In my opinion, that is what this passage means. No matter how silly, or destructive, or contrary your fellow humans may behave; you cannot give up on them. You have to keep treating them as individuals who can understand, and may some day change, if you keep engaged with their lives.

I’m not sure if that’s easier or harder than not calling them fools.


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