It’s Greek to Me

Have you ever wondered what was the most useful thing you learned in high school? Think about it for a moment. It’s hard to decide. There’s the detritus which wasn’t useful, or you never really learned, or you wish you could forget; but what was the most useful thing you learned?

I’ve thought about it several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion it was the time we spent learning Greek roots in science. Of course, at the time I thought it was worthless, but I thought keeping my grade up was highly important. At this point in my life, no one asks me about my grades in sophomore biology; but every day I find myself constructing or deconstructing words using their Greek roots. Think of these examples: philos, logos, sophos, bio, hydro, phonos, … It just goes on and on.

Anyway, that’s my choice. Think about your own choice and whether you valued what you learned at the time.


The Secret of Texas Chili

In Texas there’s no discussion that will draw more fervent opinions and fewer changes of heart than a discussion of how to make the right chili. Can it have beans? How hot does it have to be? … It is the state dish after all. So where did Texas Chili really come from. Was it given by God when Moses Austin parted the Red River and brought Americans into Texas? Well, actually no. What has become Texas Chili developed during the cattle drives during the 19th century. The cattle owners didn’t want cattle slaughtered during the drive up to Kansas, but the trail riders needed something to eat. The solution was to butcher the meat before the cattle drive. They then soaked it in vinegar and peppers so that it wouldn’t spoil on the drive. That way no one other than a real cowboy would be willing to eat it. What about beans? Well I’m guessing a hungry trail rider wouldn’t turn beans down, so do as you please. But if you have to refrigerate it, it ain’t Texas Chili.

Where Did I Go?

I thought the easiest way to start this would be with a nice picture, so check out the header image. Does anyone know where this is? You’re actually looking out on the city from the Carso. There’s a race going on. This is near the beginning of the race. It’s open class, so if it floats and moves without an engine, you’re free to enter. Although I lived in this city for several years, this was the only time I was able to go watch the race. Something always came up in October that got in the way. Watch future posts to reveal the mystery location if you don’t figure it out!

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